Dragon (by Teri Dorsey)

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I was born a women with skin made of silk
My soul drips from my lips with honey and milk

I am dragon with untamed fire
Tempted by the hormones of desire

I am, 'She' made to please a, 'He', I'm told
bought with words. 'to have and to hold'

I am made to be nurtured and protected
By the, 'He' who is spiritually erected

I am a drive-thru of never ending curves
my breasts wear the sign of one who serves

I am as wise as an owl who can see in the night
where I conquered my fears in the moonlight

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About Teri Dorsey

Teri Dorsey, Is a Mermaid who swam out of the ocean to be born a human in June, Teri is Irish, Danish, German, Spanish, Greek, Egyptian and American. She is married to African American Tim Dorsey a musician who has blessed and inspired people for many years. Their love together created five talented children. Teri lives in Wisconsin. She Loves the ocean and spends some of the year in a Greek fishing village in Tarpon Springs Florida at her small house her husband gave her as a gift. "Sun Treasures" jewelry was her creation and hobby for years. It is beautiful jewelry from beads that are hand made in Jamaica. She spent 10 yrs traveling back and forth with her children helping many Jamaican people including schools and orphanages. As a Doula she has also assisted to bring a few babies to the earth. Teri luvs to write, She is outspoken about her beliefs and passion for life. She has been told by friends, teachers and family that she communicates with word pictures. Writing is a connection of light for Teri she can feel words flutter and land like a firefly calling her to reveal a language she can share to reach the soul. www.teriswavelength.com Teris Wavelength on facebook My website is part of TheSEOciety.com - bloggers needed! Visit Green Web Design's blog for more information!

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