Turning of the Worm/MARK 9:48

Turning of the Worm

Beyond the dirt there is an ETERNAL squirm
that I HOPE no one will ever desire to yearn for and learn,
or desire it's punishingly focused undyingly cruel company;
careful even hearing this for these words might even burn you see.

There is a place known to ALMIGHTY GOD ABOVE
with no temperance at all just a burning fiery fog.
Once we're in we're never coming back.
There'll be no rest for our very soul shall FOREVER be attacked.

Some say this place cannot ever be so to exist.
Others scoff and ridicule with laughter as their blows and hits.
But unto those of us who TRULY shall FOREVER know
this place exists beyond anything that has ever been from far below.

Seasons they shall come and seasons they shall go
as do all our lives so let's make the time to take them slow.
Be careful the words you speak and the way others you do treat
for of this place our ETERNAL souls might very well just reap.

For here it is pain that we shall FOREVER live yet we've died.
For here it is pain we shall not FOREVER and EVER die.
For here it is pain and screams we shall FOREVER always cry.
For here it is pain our evil ways shall FOREVER remind us why.

Rub your eye's there's cause for great intense discern TODAY.
There's a place with unquenchable fire that does FOREVER burn.
ETERNAL ANGUISH the meal and the butter for which they churn.
Take heed these words I risk to say in the HOPE our lessons learned.

thus keeping ourselves on a Narrow Path from this turning of the worm.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 1992

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Graven Man

Graven Man

Tell me now?
Like you once told
those from the past
whose lives you hunted and stole.

I dare you!

Teach me now?
Like you once told
those from fallen ancient past
whose souls you hunted and stole.

I dare you!

Profanity? Adultery?
You also teach others
how to walk with silent graven feet?

Make a tempt.
No stop at one.
Derailing their FAITH

Injecting the pain
but keeping the volume down low.
Never wanting to disrupt
any evil choices or courses they have chose.

DJ crippler spinning a deathly dirge
for all to dance until their deathly dead.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 1994
✯ Prazuch ✯

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