Born/Ezekiel 16

Born/Ezekiel 16

There where you laid,
gasping for air.
Thrashing in blood you cried out,
while you lay bare.

No one to cut your cord.
No one to make you clean.
The eyes of those walking by
left you lay and scream;
on the day you were born.

As I passed by,
witnessed you kicking about in your blood.
I said to you "Live!" and stop thrashing about.

You were ready for LOVE,
so I covered your skin.
Fine linen and gold,
a crown for your head.

You arose to a Queen
and your fame spread.

Then you began to change.

Children you bore unto me
were slaughtered as food for idolatry.
How quick you forgot from where you came.

Naked and bare and kicking about in your blood!

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright ©1994

Originally posted 2010-12-14 10:09:15.

Final Strike

Final Strike

So when the
final strike
shall show thy hands work,
reap abundant in LOVE;

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright ©1993

Originally posted 2010-12-23 09:49:37.