Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Terror! Terror!
When they close they’re eyes?
Terror! Terror!
For the sleep deprived?

Souls are taken in the deadest of night?
Close your eyes you won’t disappear tonight!

Ancient men have screamed in fright
so what or whom comes in the night?

Sleeping and waking is a gift from GOD
for the closing of eyes don’t ever be afraid.

When you slumber and sense something wrong
fill your hearts and minds with peace loving Psalms.

Keep your FAITH
in all the LORD GOD FATHERS ways
and you’ll keep your soul upon every wake.

Remember HE promised to never forsake.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright ©2010

Originally posted 2010-12-23 08:26:08.



Running stops nowhere to hide inside outside;
transparent as you assume you may now be.

When reality comes looking into town searching within;
"Is it true you can feel the pain that all created see and feel?"

Traded a guitar for a gun when a brother came to help a life.
This Planet spins and those surviving do breathe
and yet now so full of life's everyday struggles and strife.

Everyone having GOD-SEEN skeletal cerebral hidden closets;
humbling all who know and pouring them out like faucets.

TRUTH IS TRUTH beyond all and no one can deny.

Inside us all remains a LIGHT shining bright for all to see.
Being lost turns into what some now don't ever want to believe.

Some hate and doubt this new found TODAY and call it trickery.
While some others remain stiff-necked and call this all a dream.

Still others are busy plotting and choosing
whom next on their evil list they shall try to deceive.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 1999

Originally posted 2010-12-24 16:13:19.